Hucker : HOUSE TRUCK | ONGOING Project

While renovation of my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac started out purely as a living situation it has since become the bases and fundamental tool in my artistic practice. I have begun traveling the country collecting various soil samples all while living out of the back of my House Truck (aka Hucker).

With an inexpensive street-parking permit I was able to secure a nice shady spot on the outskirts of downtown bringing my rent to a grand total of $34.00 a month!

The plan for this project included: wiring and mounting a solar panel, cutting fiberglass and installing an RV fan, electrical work from the panel to the battery and inverter, constructing housing units and programming electrical panels, building a wheel well platform with compartments, cutting down a foam mattress, installing a fiberglass camper shell, and building a large pull out clothes drawer.