Deteriorating Preservation | Graduate Gallery



In the Deteriorating Preservation Exhibition the two artists examine the temporality surrounding life and seek solidity in an uncontrollable environment, while commenting on the vulnerability and the transient qualities of the human experience. Within their own bodies of work, they address the distinction between retaining control and the complete removal of power. Through methods of gathering, ordering, and processing, the artists create works that span from objective preservation to subjective observation. One takes on a participatory role in trying to give life back to the abandoned in order to prolong their existence, while the other is a spectator reacting and recreating the deterioration of these experiences. One creates meaning by combating the temporality, while the other finds significance in embracing the ephemeral. Whether these objects are representing themselves or being used as a metaphor for the artist, both are commenting on the degradation and loss of life and relationship. Through the use of acrylic, mica, and found objects, constructed into sculptures, books, letterpress, and installations, the artists attempt to preserve the impermanence and explore their interactions within an uncontrollable environment.

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