Muckraking in the Big Backyard | Steinfeld Warehouse



Muckraking in the Big Backyard exhibition features work created by students at the University of Arizona’s School of Art. Showcasing a multitude of artworks by undergraduates and graduates alike, the works incorporate numerous approaches generated in two separate courses—an installation art course and a performance art course.

Although we live in a society where we have the luxuries of peace and relative economic stability, there remain numerous chronic problems regarding politics, religion, and a host of racial, gender, and economic inequities.

Our society is comprised of individuals whose life experiences are unique catalogues of events that shape how we each understand and engage one another and the world. Each artist in this exhibition isolates and amplifies issues and areas of inquiry that differ; however, they all share the impulse to dig introspectively, critically examine their surroundings, and illuminate foibles in order to become more self-aware with the impulse to communicate candidly with others.

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