All or Nothing | Manifest Gallery



Sometimes works of art are made up of many parts, each playing a critical role in forming a complete whole. Diptychs and triptychs (two and three panel images) are simple examples, where the parts could qualify as stand-alone images, but the meaning or impact of the entire work would be lost without the set. Other examples we have seen in Manifest exhibits over the years include (but are by no means limited to) grid installations, modular or installation-based sculptural works, interdependent narrative or conceptual series, and so on.

For its final competitive thematic exhibit of Manifest's 12th season, the gallery called for submissions of such works which explore the role of unity in establishing a singular artistic experience or statement through multiple physically disconnected parts.

For this exhibit 115 artists from 30 states and 6 countries submitted 288 works for consideration. Eight works by the following 8 artists from 6 states were selected for presentation in the gallery and the Manifest Exhibition Annual publication.

All or Nothing_image 1