Distorted Curtains : False Walls | Fascinations Sex Shop



Distorted Curtains and False Walls are two one-day group pop up shows which explore how different people experience shame and rejection through society, tradition, and stigma. Artists address their individual characters and how they relate within the constructs of these specific places. They focus on the juxtaposition of artwork and location in an attempt to eliminate any prejudices associated with both. By opening up these spaces and the uncomfortable topics often associated with them, the artist can begin to redefine how space contextualizes art and how society tends to scrutinize the unfamiliar. Both exhibitions features local artists and students from the University of Arizona School of Art.

The separate but joint sister shows will run in conjunction with each other. While Distorted Curtains will feature wholesome, religious, or feel good work in a sex shop location, False Walls will show art that disturbs, upsets, or creates anxiety in a church turned gallery.

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